Thursday, January 27, 2022
NIOS launches Virtual Open School in collaboration with Microsoft and Ed4All

NIOS launches Virtual Open School in collaboration with Microsoft and Ed4All

The National Institute of Open School has launched Virtual Open School for the year 2021 by collaborating with Microsoft and Ed4all. On August 13, 2021, an MOU was signed between NIOS, Microsoft, and Ed4all to encourage digital learning.  The NIOS Virtual Open School learning is powered by BLEAP that extends to Blended Learning and Pedagogy for 2021. Students interested to register can visit the official website to complete the registration and application process.

How will NIOS Virtual Open School Platform help students?

The online platform will provide world-class education and help students to develop multiple intelligences. The main aim is to increase the learning outcomes 0f the students and make them ready to face the coming digital age. It will help students to secure jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Retail management, and Mobile Technlogies. This platform is intended to bridge the digital divide and provide opportunities to students.  It aspires that this will help students to become entrepreneurs and have access to venture capital. Virtual Open School is not compulsory for NIOS students.

How to register for NIOS Virtual Open School?

Students interested to apply for the Virtual Open School are required to submit the requisite application fee for the course through the link given on the official website.  After this, the following steps are to be taken:

Step 1: Visit the official website- of NIOS Virtual Open School Learning.

Step 2: Click on the registration link and complete the registration process for Virtual Open School.

Step 3: Candidates have to enter their NIOS enrollment number and mention if their admission type is vocational or academic.

Step 4: Submit the requisite registration fee.

The students will be provided certifications to increase their chances of employment which will also help students to access job boards and job portals. Interactive recorded sessions and videos will also be provided. There will also be provision of assessments, exams, and tutor-marked assignments.

To register for the Virtual Open School, you need to first register with NIOS. You may register as a student with NIOS at:


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