Monday, September 27, 2021
University convocations adjust to the new normal

University convocations adjust to the new normal

One major impact of Covid-19 on the educational scene has been the novel ways in which convocations are being held. While some universities had to call off the convocation function and send the scrolls to the student’s residences, others have found novel ways to hold them keeping social distancing in mind.

Here are some of the novel ways in which convocations have been held all over the world.

  1. Use of Virtual Reality

On October 25, 2020 , IIT Madras held its 57th convocation using ‘mixed reality’ technology. Mixed reality creates visualisations by combining real and virtual worlds.

2. Drive-in Convocation

Some universities and colleges held drive-through convocation ceremonies in which graduates came on vehicles including cars and bikes till the podium to receive their certificates and left immediately in the same vehicles.


3. Robots in place of students

Another novel method was to have robots arrive at the function with a screen replacing their heads and the photo of the graduate appearing on the screen.



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